Ribbons and elastics weaving

Weaving, ribbons, and elastics
There are plenty of ribboners in France and around the world but Schoutteten & Froidure is certainly one of the most complete. At Schoutteten & Froidure, we weave every type of ribbon and strap thanks to our 160 looms.

We have every type of loom available on the market. We invest a large part of our turnover in renewing our machinery and buying the latest innovations in manufacturing.

On a jacquard loom we can weave straps or elastic with your inscription or logo. On a shuttle loom we weave straps for aeronautical and luxury industries as well as the military. On a narrow-band loom we can weave straps of varying lengths for comfort in certain areas and to be less constricting in others.

At Schoutteten & Froidure we develop and make to order. We are here for any of your demands for new developments and projects.

Our weaving techniques, ribbons, and elastics



Schoutteten & Froidure se mobilise pour vous fournir tous les composants nécessaires à la fabrication de masques, visières et autres équipements de protection contre le COVID19.


- Elastique pour masque textile largeur 6mm


- Barrette nasale en aluminium


- Visière de protection en PETG


- Bloque cordon et autres boucles


- Rubans et élastiques en tout genre …