• Webbing and elastic weaving

    Technical products: elastics, ribbons, straps

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Harnesses, lanyard...

  • Military Applications

    We provide equipment for many European armies

  • Modern machinery

    The latest generation of looms

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A manufacturer of straps, ribbons, and elastics which are all 100% made in France

Schoutteten & Froidure was established in France in 1788 and is the authority on the subject of weaving straps, ribbons, and elastics. We help our clients expand by offering them solutions adapted to their needs.

A modern equipment

Discover the extent of our weaving, dyeing, treatments, overmolding, as well as the different materials used. You will find a technique that meets your need. Learn more about weaving techniquesWeaving Techniques
Straps and elastics are used in many fields. From the obvious uses such as clothing, security harnesses, or stowage of transport goods. But our products are also present in more technical fields, like aeronautics or in the military.Product Applications

A recognised weaving quality

Narrow fabric professionals

With 200 years of know-how, we can solve all your strap and elastic problems. A team brings you custom solutions to meet your needs. Following your design briefs and your specifications, we will develop products that you need for your safety harness, your military uniform, and many others… With a project manager who will accompany from the production to the delivery of the product, all you have to do is place your orders.